Denim and White


I adore this look, it has to be one of my all time favourite. The jeans are cool with the patchwork detail and I must say the kimono influence top is just gorgeous, the shoes are sexy with a bit of an edge. The chunky Gucci bag plays off the black detail in the shoe. Then I kept it simple with the gold jewellery because of the jeans and shoes you really don’t want to go over the top. With the makeup, I kep[t everything simple and neutral but went with a bold lip to give it a nice contrast.

This look will work for a lot of body types, giving you some curve because of the waist detail in the top.


Mellow Yellow


I adore this skirt, I liked the geometric pattern as well as the oversized floral detail. Now you could have chosen from the bolder colours on the skirt and created a look around, but I really like the yellow detail in the orange flowers on the skirt and thought that it would be a really complementary colour against the black and white. Because of this, I kept everything else within the paired down and simple. The bag matches the top, as well complement the geometric nature of the skirt. The jewellery goes well with the top and the bag without being too much, the gold and amber should highlight the orange in the skirt. Finally the glasses just a bit of vintage cool to the look, also it is a spring/summer look so glasses are needed.

This is a look that will complement most figures if you don’t like the crop top just go for something longer that is tucked in. Also just rock it. confidence is the key to rocking any look if you dont have it fake it. As long as you are comfortable and happy in what you are wearing that is all that matters.